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September 8, 2015
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September 10, 2015

Jeff Bullas writes about 3 amazing  Google+ tips for business that can make a difference.

social8#1. Circles

In Google + “Circles” is the equivalent of Facebook “Groups”.

It allows you to place all your contacts in different circles such as friends, colleagues, work etc. Therefore, when you post certain content you can choose the different circles where you want them to be displayed. You can also choose the update to be public if you want the content to be seen by everyone or you can keep it private.

Many conversations on Google+ happen in private in these “Circles” and it has led to Google+ be accused of being a ghost town when in fact it is full of vibrant passionate communities and tribes.

What you see on Google+ that is visible and public is just the tip of the iceberg.

This feature allows you to share content that is specific and targeted to that group. Sharing content that is relevant and on topic is important as a business.

#2. Hangouts

This is a place to where you can create your own video chat rooms including up to 9 participants. Here you can have a live chat with multiple people at a time. This is the best place to educate your clients, share ideas or tell customer stories and case studies. You can create hangouts with customers where you can share information face to face without getting in a car or plane.

Google+ has made it easy to do and has led to its competitor Facebook to up its game and produce an equivalent feature.

Live face to face video on the web is transforming communications as the printing press did for the written word.

#3. Search Engine Friendly

As Google controls this social platform they are using it for capturing signals for their search engines. They are also using it to capture data that will enable them to serve up more personalized data to its search users and paid Google “Adwords” customers.

The advantage to business of participating on Google+ is that you are providing content and information that will improve your search engine results (sometime called SEO or search engine optimization).

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