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August 15, 2016
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Fort St John

residents came together at the local Dairy Queen to raise $!4,000 for the Miracle Treat day. Proceeds going to the BC Children’s hospital. With thanks to Great Canadian Oil Change for indulging in ice cream!

Four hundred and forty litres of ice cream mix and 1,900 Blizzards later, Fort St. John residents raised more than $14,000 as part of the annual Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day Aug. 11.

Through Blizzard sales and community donations, $14,260 was raised local store owner Linda Patterson said.

The proceeds will go to support the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“Everybody in Fort St. John knows at least one children that goes there,” Patterson said.

Local staff made more than 700 preorders the night before the event, meaning staff were plenty busy the day of to take care of walk-in customers.

In total, 22 20-litre cases of ice cream mix was used to meet the demand.

The biggest preorder came from the Great Canadian Oil Change, who has partnered with the local DQ every year to hand out Blizzards to its customers.

“Every year we buy just to donate to the cause,” said Assistant Manager James Lovely.

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Miracle Treat Day raises $14K in Fort St. John

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