Welcome to PG-Designs in Prince George BC, I design web sites from my home. This allows me to give customers quick service and prompt attention. Feel free to email me anytime and most problems resolved in 48hrs. Working from home means I have very little overhead, and can pass those savings along to you. Let me design a site you will be proud of.

So many businesses now have web sites and the damage that not having a website can make or break your store. But because of the demand for websites the big firms often have a long back log, meaning they can not get even started on your website for a long time and when they do, the most basic site can be over $2000 easily. And do not offer the personal, prompt attention I do.

As an added benefit, I am open to all trades. Lets say you have a pizza place. The average site is about $700 instead of paying cash allow me to order pizza from you till we are even. Or what if you are in home repair? I can always use work around the house. Have a grocery? Lets talk! You get the idea. I am open to anything!

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