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February 11, 2016
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February 17, 2016

1. Show your customers you care

3 ways to improve customer satisfaction using mobile devices

A. Research and know your customers’ communication preferences

It’s important to confirm how your customer base wants you to engage with them, including how and when they’d like to receive communications from your business. Do your research, and develop a strategy to guide your communications.

SMS is the most reliable and well-received messaging format in mobile. Its personalization and the trust people have in it translates to acceptance of an approach from you as a trusted vendor. Mobile users—most of us now—expect brands to deliver personalized content regardless of their physical or digital status.

B. Personalize the experience for the user

It’s counterproductive to consistently inundate consumers with content that isn’t relevant to them. Because of the mass of data now available, mobile provides a greater opportunity for personalization than other platforms, such as email or Web-based communication.’

Ensure your outreach captures the “mobile moment” with targeted, personalized content that compliments your customers’ moments and turns them into mobile opportunities both in their physical and in their digital worlds.

C. Engage on their terms

Mblox research found that only 58% of companies are using mobile as a platform to engage with consumers, whether that’s through SMS, an app, push notifications, or social media. There isn’t necessarily one best way to communicate via mobile. Consumer preferences vary—not only from one person to the next but also on time of day or the type of business they interact with.

So don’t focus only on one communications method; be sure to include them all—based on your customers’ desires. Consider how these methods can be integrated to enhance your customers’ experience, on their terms. Savvy marketers will focus on their customers’ experience to provide benefits in a given mobile moment.

2. Make your content interesting

Marketing campaigns will increasingly integrate mobile as companies recognize and move on the ROI and value creation of this powerful tool. You can keep your customer base engaged in your content via mobile by using various tactics, such as…

Keeping the underlying messages simple, short, and to the point
Creating custom content that will provide your customers with unique facts, tips, or benefits of their choosing

Mobile is driving a paradigm shift in marketing, with the consumer framing how enterprises drive more value from their interactions. Personalization, content, and context are what consumers want. Offer it up to them in creative, dynamic, and fresh ways.

3. Use mobile location data from your customer engagement

According to the Mblox survey, 80% of respondents said they would share location data with brands in order to receive SMS or push messages. In short, customers are willing to share location data with trusted brands in return for value. And campaigns that use location-based targeting significantly outperform campaigns that do not.

By using a smartphone’s GPS capabilities, businesses can geographically target audiences to share appropriate content. An upsurge in customer acceptance of mobile location-based data to enable better customer experiences will increase satisfaction on the consumer end.

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