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September 9, 2015
Making a difference in your Facebook engagement.
September 13, 2015
things to do well on social media

It can be difficult to get into the world of social media ads, but it does not have to be, there are some basic tips to follow.  Social media ads done right can give your company a lot of exposure.

1. Social Media Doesn’t Work!

How much social media ads contribute to the buying decision is subtle, but it’s more of a channel to do so rather than directly closing a sale.

2. There’s No Point Paying For social media Ads!

Organic is great for retention and influence but in order to increase sales conversions by up to 25%, efficiency is key. Ads provide this.

3. Paid Campaigns Have The social media adsSame Effect On Every Platform!

Twitter’s conversion rate on a promoted Tweet is three times higher than on an organic Tweet. On Pinterest this is reversed, with organic being five times higher than paid. On Facebook the difference between the two is much smaller.

4. Social Media Ads Work The Same Amongst Brands!

Success does depend on your brand’s vertical market and thus you will find it more difficult to acquire new customers in different industries and verticals.

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