Brodak Mine
January 10, 2014
Social Media Tips.
August 1, 2014

Navigating Social Media can be a difficult task.

There are some basic mistakes you should really avoid. Let PG Designs walk you through the ins and outs of social media.
I would like to add to this list 2 things.

1….Not updating frequently at bare minimum 3x a week.  Not only do you run the huge risk of ignoring a customer that wants to interact with your post will not be looked on favorably by the Facebook algorithm and may not rank as high. Not posting frequently enough causes fans to forget about your page and limits interactions. If fan interaction is the goal with your page, not posting enough could defeat the goal. You want to keep your content fresh in your fans’ minds so they’re more apt to share, interact and help you grow your organization.

2…Valuing likes higher then any other metric. Your goal should not be getting the most likes. How many pages do you like right now but never visit? How many times have you liked a page and forgot about? Did you know you can actually buy likes or exchange likes on a Facebook page? If a brand has brought likes or exchanged likes how valuable are they? And how many of those brought links are likely to check out your product and isnt that the goal? People looking to see what you have for sale?

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